What services do we provide for sellers?

Most sellers would use the title company that the buyers choose for the purchase because the
services that the title company provides for the sellers are very minimum and usually the title
company works as a neutral party. These days, however, more and more sellers would like to
choose the title company that they’re familiar and feel comfortable with. When the seller
chooses our company to handle seller side transaction only, we provide the following services:

  • Payoff: We contact all parties who are secured by the property and obtain the payoff
    statements and provide them to the buyer side title company.
  • Obtain HOA/Condo due information: We obtain the financial update from the HOA or
    a condo association for the property and provide it to the buyer side title company.
  • Deed preparation: Unless the seller hires someone else to prepare a deed, one of our
    attorneys prepare a deed and provide to the buyer side title company.
  • Review of final settlement statement: We communicate with the buyer side title
    company to make sure they prepare the settlement statement correctly for the seller.
  • Settlement and notary: We meet with sellers, explain the settlement statement and
    other legal documents and help seller to execute them properly. We provide the notary