VISION TITLE & ESCROW, LLC is a full service commercial and residential real estate
settlement company.

We value personal integrity and professionalism.
Vision Title is built on foundation of honest, hardworking and responsible professionals with over
20 years of experience in both commercial and residential closings. It means that while we
handle your settlement, we will not lie to you, we will answer your questions and we will not be
lazy. Your settlement will be handled smoothly and seamlessly because we know what we’re
doing. Also we will try to be flexible as much as we can in terms of time and place of the

We are licensed to handle real estate closings in Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia.

Our Staffs

Jiyou Kim, Esq. (Jessie Kim)
President & CEO
­Licensed to practice law in Commonwealth of Virginia, State of Maryland, District of Columbia, and State of New York

Diane J. Lee, Esq. 
Settlement Attorney
­Licensed to practice law in District of Columbia

Sook Kim
Settlement Manager

Sammie You

Jeonghwa Kim, Esq. (June Kim)
Of Counsel ­ Licensed to practice law in State of Maryland and District of Columbia

We’re a full service commercial and residential real estate settlement company.
When you sell or purchase certain property, you will always need a settlement company who
can handle the paperwork pertaining to the settlement between the parties. Also, you may want
to make sure that the title of the property is legitimate and the funds are paid to the right person
in exchange for the change of ownership.

We order a title search from people (we call them abstractors) who review and summarize the
title history to that property. We examine the title search to make sure that the title to certain
real property is legitimate and clean. We issue a title insurance for that property to protect the
lender and/or owner against lawsuits or claims against the property that result due to unknown
title defects.

We also maintain escrow accounts which contain the funds needed to close on the home to
ensure that this money is used only for settlement and closing costs, and may conduct the
formal closing on the real property. At the closing, we bring all the necessary documentation,
explain it to the parties, collect closing costs and disburse monies. Finally we ensure that the
new titles, deed and other documents are filed with the appropriate entities.